Kind, funny, multi-talented, with a strong character, short in stature but larger than life, Leslie Jordan tragically passed away on October 24, 2022, due to a car accident. Fans from all over the world will forever remember him for the talent he showcased on television, the books he wrote, the playwright he was, and the music he composed. Aside from gracing TV shows with his appearance, he also served as an icon for the LGBTQ+ community. There is more to this actor than we know, so here are five reasons we will miss Leslie Jordan. 

5 reasons why we’ll miss Leslie Jordan

1. He served as an icon to the LGBTQ+ community 

Leslie Jordan, who exuded flamboyance, was outspoken about his sexuality, not just to today’s Gen Z and Millennials but more so to those who belonged to his generation. 

During his younger years, Jordan found it difficult to fully express himself, especially since, according to him, sissy gay men did not make the cut in society. 

Jordan had to resort to addictive substances just so he could openly express himself. Jordan himself stated that it felt a lot easier for him to be openly gay when he was “loaded.”

After some 22 years, he was finally comfortable and open enough to live in his own skin—achieving this feat sober. 

In his TV roles, he unapologetically showcased his feminine side, embodying that flamboyant attitude. 

A lot of feminine men were in awe of Jordan’s bravery in coming out the way he did, and it served as something they could look up to and become one day. 

People like Alexander Kacala were personally touched by Jordan’s influence on people, so much so that his essay narrated how deeply the actor affected his life. 

It just goes to show how many people will miss Leslie Jordan. 

2. He was an inspiration for those who are in the process of recovery 

Aside from being openly sassy and feminine, one thing that Jordan never shied away from was his journey to sobriety. 

He shared his lengthy experience with substance abuse and how it helped him become more open with his sexuality. 

Of course, substance abuse is never good for anyone, and Jordan realized this later on in his 30s. 

When he shared his experience with substance abuse, he never omitted the part where he started to get DUIs. 

He took the initiative to take the 12-step sobriety program, not only for his family but more so for himself, since he did mention that he was terrified of being sent back to jail again. 

Jordan was successful in his journey, and before he passed away, he had a successful career in everything he did, with 20 years of sobriety under his belt. 

This became a beacon of hope for those who wanted to be sober and for those who were going through the journey itself. 

3. He brought smiles to millions in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic through social media

When the pandemic hit, Jordan took to social media to entertain himself, and this was the start of something amazing for him. He did not expect his presence to blow up on all his socials, particularly Instagram and Tiktok

People loved his humor and the stories that he shared with them, most of which were about his career, current events, the pandemic, and his personal life. 

One funny story he shared with people was when he said he had conquered every show in existence on Netflix and how he was never going to watch the news because all it ever tells you is death tolls and such, making people think it is the end of the world. 

He truly shone a light during some of the darkest days people have ever known. 

4. He showed just how fabulous he is in all the TV series’ he starred in

Shows like Will & Grace, American Horror Story, and Call Me Kat are some of the titles that will forever be tied to Jordan’s name. But of course, the majority of people know and love him for his role in Will & Grace as the fabulously rich Beverly Leslie. 

Jordan was so amazing at playing this part that he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series way back in 2006. 

Rest in peace, Leslie. The world has lost one of the greatest characters of all time.

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