Oncovir, Inc. is Pushing the Boundaries of Medical Innovation With Hiltonol

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Approximately 1,670 die a day from some form of cancer; in the United States, around 1.9 million cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2023. Those numbers are staggering, yet not surprising. We have become somewhat desensitized; it’s a normal part of life. Thankfully the team at Oncovir, Inc. aren’t desensitized. They are harnessing the potential of their groundbreaking immunomodulator, Hiltonol (Poly-ICLC), to develop important cancer therapies and antiviral treatments that activate the body’s immune system against diseases like cancer.

The origin of Hiltonol® can be traced back to the innovative efforts of its namesake, Hilton Levy. Levy pioneered the development of this groundbreaking immunomodulator with his partner Dr. Andres M. Salazar, MD. Both Levy and Salazar recognized the significant therapeutic properties of Hiltonol in addressing oncology and infectious diseases. Together they drove extensive research and formulation efforts to optimize its functionality and efficacy for medical applications.

President and Chief Operating Officer Matthew Vandermast highlighted the key attributes of Hiltonol, a synthetic dsRNA designed to activate the body’s defense mechanisms against viruses and tumors. “Oncovir’s clinical targets are solid tumors and infectious disease indications including HIV and COVID.  We have especially exciting data developing around recurrent glioblastoma and prostate cancer.”

Hiltonol works by mimicking a virus and consequently activating a person’s immune system, essentially tricking the body into thinking it’s under attack. This prompts a powerful response from one’s immune system, including activating various immune cells like natural killer cells and B cells, as well as producing important signaling molecules like interferons and cytokines. Mr Vandermast added, “Oncovir is uniquely positioned in the cancer and infectious disease market, we can add significant clinical value to new and approved vaccines, including dendritic cell vaccines.”

Mr. Vandermast brings three decades of expertise in implementing business strategies across leading edge companies, both large and small. He possesses extensive knowledge in overseeing intricate projects related to technology, science, and the development of enterprise products. He is a veteran with the company and is spearheading the commercialization efforts of Hiltonol to ensure its widespread acceptance and market success.

Oncovir founder, Dr. Andres Salazar, has a distinguished career as a former Professor of Neurology at the Uniformed Services University, combined with an extensive research background in neurodegenerative diseases and oncology, thereby bringing invaluable expertise to the company.

The Oncovir team is joined by Vikas Moolchandani, PhD, as the VP CMC. As a Product Quality Reviewer at Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls at the FDA he processes and conducts facility reviews of regulatory submissions. Dr. Moolchandani is key to guiding Oncovir’s late phase clinical trials in preparation for its commercialization.

The Oncovir, Inc. team is focused on collaboration and innovation. Despite geographical distances, the team stays connected daily to ensure the continued alignment and forward progress of their common goal of delivering transformative medical solutions to those in need.

Vandermast shares, “We are always working towards our mission. We have worldwide customers, so we sometimes have to stay up really late or get up real early. We have a lot of people working on projects in Europe and Asia. For a small team, we have a large worldwide footprint.”

As a pioneer in immunotherapy, Oncovir, Inc. continues to push the boundaries of medical innovation with its revolutionary immunomodulator, Hiltonol. As more and more trials uncover its vast potential, the team at Oncovir, Inc. stands ready to provide its cancer therapy and antiviral treatments across numerous use cases on a global scale and, more importantly, hope, hope for improved patient outcomes.

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