Gugu Guru Launches Mom Creators to Support Moms on Their Journeys to Becoming Thriving Content Creators

Founded in 2015 as a baby product recommendation website, Gugu Guru has now launched Mom Creators, a platform that powers a supportive community and expert resources for mom content creators, mommy influencers and entrepreneurial moms at any stage of their journeys. Through Mom Creators, the company offers education via its Mom Creator University; an engaged community for moms and brands to network and collaborate with each other; an aspiring creator accelerator program called “Kickstart” and; management services for established mom creators & influencers.

With the rise of the Creator Economy bringing about many viable, coveted “work from anywhere” opportunities – it’s no wonder that moms are jumping on board and looking to monetize their influence. It goes without saying that moms are a very powerful group of influencers for brands. In fact, moms might be crowned as the single most powerful influencers in the United States – according to Forbes*, Moms control 85% of household purchases in the US, with spending power that tops $2 trillion.


Be it posting TikToks, Instagram Reels or just plain photos, 63% of moms surveyed in Gugu Guru’s recent 2023 State of Mom-tent report consider themselves to be content creators – either amateur or professional. Many of these moms would like to monetize their content, but don’t know how or where to start. Other more established mom creators often find it challenging to secure representation or management to help them expand their brand deals and grow their income streams.

“After working in this industry for over 15 years, one thing has always been very clear to me: most moms I speak with, no matter the social media following or audience size, consider themselves influential in some way,” says, Monica Banks, Founder & CEO of Gugu Guru. “Many moms are looking to the creator economy as a flexible way to monetize their influence and passions, and also finding it to be a much-needed creative outlet. The challenge is that many moms just don’t know where to start when it comes to being a professional creator or how to grow once they’ve started. That’s where Mom Creators comes in.”

Mom Creator University

Gugu Guru’s Mom Creator University offers a plentitude of free resources for moms to give them a leg up, along with a supportive private community that includes influencers, experts, entrepreneurs and brand representatives.image0

Kickstart For Aspiring Mom Creators

As part of its offering for newbie or aspiring creators, Gugu Guru offers Kickstart. Kickstart is a 6-week program for moms looking to accelerate their paid creator career. In the program, Gugu Guru connects mom creators with brands and helps them monetize their influence via diversified income streams including influencer marketing, UGC (User Generated Content)affiliate marketing and digital products. Kickstart is a one-time investment of $400 and offers a money back guarantee.

Mom Creator Management

For more established mom creators and influencers consistently monetizing their content, Gugu Guru offers professional management services. Mom creators can get support with outreach, pitching, negotiating, and invoicing, as well as secure a spot on the Mom Creator talent roster to gain more visibility with top brands.

Notable celebrity moms, influencers and industry experts have joined Gugu Guru on its mission to help moms. Called Mom-tent Mentors, the influential mom and expert partners includeJenna Ushkowitz, Daniella Monet, Brandi Jordan, Zulay Henao, Jessica Hall, Marla Sokoloff and Rachel Nicks.

“All the supermoms out there impress me on a daily basis, but we can’t do it alone. Every mother’s needs are different and special,” says celeb mama Jenna Ushkowitz, known for her role as Tina Cohen- Chang on the award-winning Fox television series, Glee. “Gugu Guru helped me figure out what I needed as a first-time mom and has supported me in my new role so obviously, I wanted to join the club. Moms supporting moms is what it’s all about.”

Since its soft launch in February of 2022, the Mom Creators community has grown to over 10,000 diverse mom content creators, mom influencers and mom-preneurs. Gugu Guru is proud to have created content for nearly 400 innovative brands.


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