On this most sacred of California holidays, it's sad to learn that the rest of America just doesn't appreciate marijuana the way we do.

So as we bow down to the bong, let us commiserate over the latest CNN/Opinion Research survey, which shows that 56 percent of our fellow citizens across the land do not want to legalize it.

That contradicts our feelings in the Golden State, where a slight majority of us favor legalization, even though …

we voted against it when we had a chance in November.

According to CNN only 41 percent of Americans support making weed fully legit.

Interestingly (strangely?), the more educated and wealthy Americans are, the more likely they are to support cannabis decriminalization, at least according to the survey.

Of those making $50,000 a year or more, support was at 44 percent; for those who make less support was at 38 percent. Among the college educated support was at 46 percent. No college? 36 percent.

See, weed smokers are smarter. Happy holiday.

[Survey PDF].

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