It's a little late for National Hamburger Day, but it's never too late in our book.

From June 6th through June 12th, Eagle Rock pastrami haven and burger barn The Oinkster is hosting its own Burger Week. They're honoring the mighty meat with a burger-a-day tribute to their favorite local eateries, offering their spin on burgers from McDonald's, Tommy's, the Grill 'Em All truck, Father's Office and Umami.

The meatiesta (okay, we tried to combine “meat” and “fiesta,” but like Bennifer, it was doomed to failure) culminates on Saturday and Sunday when they serve something called The Oinkster Special. It damn well better be special: It costs $25.

[Note: We recently learned that the $25 burger, which comes with porcini mushrooms, Cambozola cheese, truffle aioli and crispy onions, costs only $9.50. Phew.]

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