Ever wanted to have sex on an airplane but found the idea of banging in a urine soaked bathroom and the possibility of going to jail a tad unpleasant?

Well, a delightful airline based in Cincinnati WANTS you to have sex on their plane. Flamingo Air, operated and co-owned by husband-and-wife team Dave MacDonald and Sharon McGee offers a 60-minute fuck flight for any horny couple that's got a spare $425.

What do you get (besides laid) you ask?

The ride comes with a bottle of champagne, chocolate and a “loveseat” to get you in the mood.

“We play up the romance,” Sharon told NYDailyNews.com. “It's not the down and dirty, let's go have sex on an airplane.”

You know, unless you're into that.

Of course, the only things separating you from the pilot is a little curtain, his trusty headset, and his iron clad discretion.

Coffee? Tea? Condoms?

Coffee? Tea? Condoms?

“What goes on behind the curtain is no concern of ours,” Captain MacDonald declared.

The company, which was founded on a dare 21 years ago, now offers up to eight flights of fancy a day. You can even have them fly around your favorite Ohio landmarks, but seriously, why the hell would you be looking at landmarks?

But if you're just a horndog who wants to cross joining the Mile High Club off your Fuckit List, then Ohio may be your new favorite vacation spot.

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