Prediction: N*E*R*D’s Seeing Sounds will be the soundtrack to a very sexy summer. Okay, maybe just ours. In Search Of still shakes up our decks (usually in the car) before a night of hot-spot hoppin,’ and after downloading the new one today (legally via the label), we gotta say, we’re feeling it… hard. Especially the slower tempo stuff.

We saw Pharrell and company play a few of the more raucous cuts live Wednesday night at the Zune-sponsored record release party at the Roosevelt Hotel, and though the DJ in the other room (Samantha Ronson) got almost as much attention as the boys (yes, Lindsay Lohan was by her side the whole night), we were glued to the band from start to finish. (Read more about the night in next week's Nightranger!)

Lohan –and Kanye West- make cameos in the video for the first single “Everyone Nose” and though the pseudo-voyeuristic, oh-so-provocative druggy theme is kinda lame, and shamelessly made-for-club-bangerdom (think “Smack My Bitch Up” humping “Lapdance”) we can't get its equally addictive -and asinine- chorus out of our head : “All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!”- a rally cry that probably saw its first life- imitating-art-moment right there after the show (millions more are sure to come).

Yes, you just know we had to wait to pee while a posse of waifs “powdered” their noses in the stalls. Some even had the very same blingy model-meets-Cobrasnake hipster hag look seen here. (And by the way, hope our pal Mark got some $$$ for this, ‘cause the director totally copped his stilo).

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