Ever wonder what cab drivers do mid-day before the drunk rush comes calling? Well, when circling the airport terminal becomes as much fun as plucking the lint out from your belly button, for one taxi driver the answer was simple: turn his checkered cab into a mobile recording studio for freestyle rappers and document the sessions in a video series called “Off the Meter.” Since hailing a cab in Los Angeles is about as easy as a musician mining for change beneath couch cushions to afford time in a recording studio, rebel taxi driver “Wisefool” took matters into his own hands and equipped his cab to record impromptu DIY hip-hop hits in the making. Talk about rapper's delight…

Rappers Black Skeptik and Kosha Dillz freestyle in L.A.-based Wisefool's taxi cab as part of his “Off the Meter” video series during their “Fun in the Sun Tour '09.”

LA Weekly