As reported earlier by our sister blog The Informer, Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator was arrested last night after losing his temper during the collective's performance at the Roxy. The sound was cut during their last song, at which time Tyler lunged at the sound guy and jumped atop the soundboard, damaging it.

He was escorted out of the club by Odd Future security, and arrested on Sunset Blvd. by West Hollywood sheriff's deputies. He was brought in, questioned, and let go on $20,000 bail. Meanwhile, some 400 fans leaving the show started freaking out, although no one was hurt.

Roxy owner Nic Adler spoke about the incident to West Coast Sound, explaining why he made the call to cut the sound, the extent of the soundboard damage, and whether or not Odd Future will ever be invited back.

“Shit happens,” says Adler. “I feel bad for the fans and the employees and the band.”

Just before midnight, when Odd Future was performing with Sacramento punk band Trash Talk on the evening's final scheduled song, Adler noticed the crowd getting extremely fired up. “It was definitely one of the best shows I've seen up until the incident happened. I've never seen more passionate fans.”

The problem was that some girls at the front were getting “smooshed” near the stage. Worried for their safety, he ordered the club lights turned on and then the sound cut.

Tyler's jumping up on the sound board did some damage, but “it looked worse than it was.” Adler adds that a pair of channels had to be replaced, and the repairs have already been made ahead of tonight's Camp Freddy show.

He isn't upset by Tyler's meltdown, he continues. “They were playing the best show of their life and it's only natural that they'd get pissed when the plug is pulled. They didn't realize why I cut the sound, didn't realize the safety issues.”

As for the arrest, he didn't order it — “we have zero control of what the sheriffs do” — but nonetheless believes they handled the situation well. “Making sure people don't get hurt – that's our main concern always.”

In any case, it sounds like all's well that ends well, though it caps off a bad PR week for Odd Future. A couple of months after producer Left Brain was accused of slapping a female photographer at a New Orleans concert, he posted a video of himself most-definitely slapping the hell out of a guy at a Thrasher event in San Francisco.

Dudes need to calm down. But, then again, their being so unhinged live is what makes them so fun to watch.

“It was just a really great rock show,” says Adler. Will he ever invite them back to his club? “I would, but they're probably too big for the Roxy. There's definitely no hard feelings.”

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