Last year the genre-hopping duo N.A.S.A. dropped an album that brought Kanye West, Tom Waits, George Clinton, M.I.A., David Byrne and even Ol' Dirty Bastard together in a harmoniously funky stew. The Spirit of Apollo, crafted by Brazil's DJ Zegon and L.A.-based Squeak E. Clean, aka producer, composer, and director Spike Jonze's brother, Sam Spiegel, was virtually an art piece that unified disparate musicians and vocalists into one sound. As for the vision, N.A.S.A. enlisted artists Shepard Fairey, Marcel Dzama, and Sage Vaughn to create the virtual worlds for the songs to live. Yesterday, N.A.S.A. released a new video for “Strange Enough” featuring vocals Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fatlip (The Pharcyde), and Ol' Dirty Bastard, in what Spiegel told West Coast Sound is probably the last recording of ODB.

After the jump, we present the duo's new video as well a collection of N.A.S.A. videos created by some pretty phenomenal artists.

Karen O, Ol' Dirty Bastard, and Fatlip, original artwork by Calma (aka Stephan Doitschinoff), was produced by Terence Teh and directed by Lorna T & Studio Giblets

Kanye West, Santogold, & Lykke Li, directed by Three Legged Legs

David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge, & Z-Trip, video by Shepard Fairey

Kool Keith and Tom Waits, directed by Fluorescent Hill.

David Byrne, Chali 2na, Gift Of Gab, & Z-Trip images by Marcel Dzama, directed by Syd Garon

RZA, Barbie Hatch, & John Frusciante, images by Sage Vaughn, directed by Syd Garon

M.I.A., Spank Rock, Santogold, & Nick Zinner, directed by Jimena Oddi & Jorge Jaramillo

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