Nadya “Octomom” Suleman and her eight, er, make that 14, children, could be out on the street Tuesday if her dad doesn't pay up for the La Habra house he purchased on loan.

Ed Suleman apparently took over the home's mortgage from Amer Haddadin last year, with the entire amount due in a balloon payment March 10, according to ABC7. So far, no money, and Haddadin says he still owes the bank that money. In fact, he says, he bailed the Suleman family out last year when he made the no-interest deal so that Ocotomom could have a place to put her eight newborns.

“What they are doing to me is not right, and I am going to take it to the courts, for foreclosure,'' he told the news station. “If it wasn't for me to help them to get the children out of the hospital, they would not have the children in the house, so I was the kid saver.''

Suleman's attorney said she leases the home from her father and that “she may be the victim in all this.”

What we want to know is, where's all the Fox TV special, reality show and tabloid money going? One thing we do know is that we aren't surprised. The word Octomom is synonymous with “class.”

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