Octomom Nadya Suleman and her 14 kids could officially be without a roof over their heads Monday as the bank holding the loan on her La Habra home is scheduled to auction it off.

For a celebrity with mass exposure, Suleman has to be closer to homelessness than anyone besides maybe Andy Dick.

Well, maybe: Her attorney, Jeff Czech, told LA Weekly last night that the auction …

… is probably not going to happen. Things are going on behind the scenes to try to work something out with the bank. I'm told there's a good chance things are going to be worked out.

Another reprieve?

Suleman has been on thin ice with her digs for a few years now.

Apparently a guy named Amir Haddadin was still making payments to the bank on the place but, at least on paper, sold it to Suleman. But she hasn't been paying him, he said.

Sort of like selling your car to a friend based on her word when you still owe money on it.

Haddadin told ABC Eyewitness News:

So now they are behind for 10 months going into 11 months for a total of $33,000. Since they stop, the bank has been calling me every day asking for money. They're telling me they don't have any money, which I don't buy at all.

Bad week for Nadya. She was recently visited by child welfare authorities, who reportedly found nothing amiss at casa Suleman.

Given her money problems, maybe she should have taken up porn-maker Vivid Entertainment on its offer to pay her six figures for a few “scenes.”

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