The folks at L.A.- and New York-based Vivid Entertainment, arguably the world's largest porn-video producer, have been on Nadya “Octomom” Suleman like a pimp after a hot chick who just started smoking crack. Vivid unashamedly smells blood in the water following reports, including one in our sister blog at OC Weekly, that Suleman is going on welfare and is behind on her La Habra house payments even after her lawyer purchased it so she wouldn't go homeless (+8 or so).

Vivid is, for the second time by our count, offering Octomom a porn gig. And this time it offers quick, easy and painless money. (Yeah baby, don't worry, Big Daddy Vivid has your back; it'll all be over before you know it …). Vivid founder Steven Hirsch wrote a letter to Suleman that states, in part:

“We have an easy and ready solution for you to relieve yourself of this financial problem. We are offering you the opportunity to perform in one scene, for one hour in one of our movies and we will pay you up to $500,000. We can arrange for this to happen quickly so that you will get paid in advance of your October deadline.”

Cash money up front? Feeling sleazy? Need a shower?

“I hope to hear from her very quickly,” says Hirsch. “It appears she has no time to waste and I feel confident that she will be pleased with the results of her shoot with us.”

Half a mil has to be better than PETA money. If it happens, as we told you previously, we had a 007ish name already picked out for this small-screen adventure — but it was already taken.

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