Updated at the bottom: Octomom might be safe for now because at least one Mexican medical authority is calling fraud on Karla. First posted at 2:12 p.m.

Poor Octomom. We got word last night that her house might be auctioned off because payments on it haven't been up-to-date (although her lawyer disputes the notion of an imminent sale). She was visited this week by child welfare authorities. And her recent semi-nude pics for a European magazine were not exactly met with male salivation.

And now this:

A woman in Mexico might replace the La Habra resident as the Most Fertile Woman in the World:

According Mexican broadcast reports, Karla Vanessa Perez of the Texas-adjacent state of Coahilla is pregnant with nine babies.

Credit: Dial-a-Star

Credit: Dial-a-Star

Already the website Gawker has crowned her “Nonomom.” We'll go with the more-Spanish Nuevemadre.

Perez's slogan can be, I don't always have babies, but when I do, I break the world record for pushing humans out of my who-ha.

In any case, if these six girls and three boys come through, Octo is one kid away from obscurity (though, to be fair, she has 14 total children as a result of past pregnancies).

Yeah, just like Nadya Suleman, Perez had fertility treatment (ya think)?

She is reportedly due May 20.

So there's still time, Nadya, to do that porn movie for Vivid Entertainment and get your last drop of fame out of your octoplets. In June you'll still be Octomom. But you just might be Number Two.

[Update at 4:24 p.m.]:

Univision spoke with Dr. Bertha Castellanos, secretary of health for the state of Coahuila. She said that after the news broke of the Nuevemadre, health officials went to go check on Perez.

Lo and behold, she claimed, the woman's ultrasound showed … “the uterus is empty” !!!

Stay tuned.

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