It had to happen. After being dubbed “OctoMom” almost from the moment after she gave birth to octuplets last January, Nadya Suleman is seeking to copyright the moniker. Sort of like “Angelyne” or “Yahoo Serious.” The Smoking Gun carries the story (and link to documents) today, quoting Suleman's motives as the marketing of “products such as 'dresses, pants, shirts, and textile diapers.'” The site also claims she wants the trademark ready for TV programming.

Speaking of television, Perez Hilton today cites a piece in Life & Style announcing that the Octo One has landed her own reality TV show in the U.K., although she prefers not to call it a reality show but a serious documentary series.

“It's going to be an ongoing thing, and it will follow them from now until they are 18,” Suleman told the magazine.

The idea, apparently, is to run the show in Britain first and depending

on how it catches on, it will be picked up in the States. Perhaps the

U.K. version can be called “Eight Up,” after the acclaimed Michael

Apted series that visited a group of children every seven years through

middle age. Perhaps in America, though, the series would require a

catchier title, like “Growing Up Octo.”


LA Weekly