Trojans could muster about 2 protesters to join what seemed to be a wholly tongue-in-cheek movement to Occupy USC recently.

Perhaps the private schoolers identify more with the “1 percent” of America's elite billionaires.

UCLA, on the other hand, is starting to resemble a preppy if not miniature Zuccotti Park, according to the Los Angeles Times:

About 20 students have started to occupy Bruin Plaza at the Westwood campus.

The Bruin movement's Facebook page listed about 270 members at last count.

Of course, UCLA students shouldn't be so quick to look down their public-school noses at the slack-tivists crosstown at University Park: One of the bigger Occupy movements in Westwood isn't aimed at Wall Street bankers who helped get us into this Great Recession.

It's aimed at the Bruins' lackluster football program.

That's right, many UCLA students would just as soon Occupy UCLA Athletics in opposition to another crap season on the gridiron. States the official Occupy UCLA Athletics site:

We are calling on the Bruin Faithful to bring a brown paper bag with you and wear it into the Rose Bowl [where UCLA battles Cal Saturday] as your Halloween costume. You can call it anything you want, although I like calling it the 'Unknown Bruin.'

Yeah, people are sleeping in their own filth at City Hall to make a point about economic inequality in America and UCLA kids are worried about the numbers on the scoreboard.

Maybe Bruins and Trojans aren't that far apart after all.


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