If an army marches on its stomach, on what do social activists march? Pizza, apparently.

The puckish protesters of Occupy Wall Street and its West Coast offshoot, Occupy Los Angeles, are hungry, and they want your help fueling this case-study of situationism in the age of the monoculture. They're asking supporters to buy pizza for the protesters.

If you want to send a slice of solidarity, or even a whole pie, you can donate to the pizza fund set up by Crooks & Liars or call Rocket Pizza in downtown LA. It's $22.50 for a cheese pizza and a six-pack of soda or $29 for a vegetarian or pepperoni pizza and a six-pack. (Tax and tip included.)

With the LA occupiers claiming they'll stay parked in front of City Hall through December, that's a lot of dough.

What do they want? Pepperoni! When do they it? Now!

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