Occupy L.A. wants its murals back.

Local leaders of the 99 percenter movement sent a letter to the city Department of Cultural Affairs asking for it to return the artwork, including a 24-by-16 piece depicting a federal reserve bank as an evil octopus, which was painted during the two-month occupation of the City Hall lawn.

So far, it appears, the city ain't budging:

Department of Cultural Affairs General Manager Olga Garay told City News Service that the goal of the city and Occupy is the same — to preserve the work.

You can understand, however, why occupiers are wary. Last month the department asked for proposals from the public regarding ways to take possession and display the art. The deadline for the ideas is was last Monday, and none came in.

Occupy writes that the city “misunderstands the true purpose and value'' of the pieces:

By naming them 'artifact,' you describe our once-living art as lifeless and attempt to frame our movement as such. We assure you that the occupation is very much alive and well.

Garay has since tried to play a little Kumbaya, saying:

I don't think there is an intrinsic difference in what the folks at the Occupy L.A. Movement want and what we're trying to do.

She said she's willing to meet with Occupy but would ultimately send the decision regarding the artwork's fate to … Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa:

I think we can solve this.

[With reporting from City News Service / @dennisjromero / djromero@laweekly.com / @LAWeeklyNews]

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