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The Occupy Wall Street movement came to L.A. today, as several hundred protesters marched on L.A. City Hall.

The crowd gathered at around 10 a.m. at Pershing Square, then marched up Broadway to the north lawn of L.A. City Hall. Crowd estimates varied, but it appeared that the group was at least 750 people. (Organizers claimed the figure was as high as 4000.)

The Occupy L.A. group grew out of the two-week old Occupy Wall Street protests. Marchers chanted slogans like “Hey hey, ho ho! Wall Street greed has got to go!”

There was no sign of violence or clashes with the police. Officers blocked traffic so the demonstrators could cross the street on the march up Broadway. Drivers honked in approval, including at least a couple MTA bus drivers.

The crowd gathered on the west steps of L.A. City Hall, until it surged and spilled into the street. At that point, organizers moved to the north lawn of L.A. City Hall.

The demonstrators had a diverse set of issues. Some signs were rather straightforward: “Jobs Not Cuts.” Others denounced the Wall Street bailout, the Citizens United campaign finance ruling.

Still others urged a boycott of Georgia for the execution of Troy Davis. And as often in such crowds, there were a handful of Ron Paul supporters. Several held up “End The Fed” signs.

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