Members of Occupy L.A. were angered over the weekend arrests of seven of its protesters.

Occupiers were confronted by police during an action outside L.A. City Hall Saturday night. Occupy members say the arrestees were attempting to hang banners, art and balloons on a fence used to close off the City Hall park used for the nearly two-month occupation in L.A. before a Nov. 30 police raid put an end to it.

At least one of the arrests was captured on video:

Though the footage doesn't appear to show it, Occupier Ruth Fowler blogs that one of the arrestees, identified as Steven Marcus Releford, was “brutally beaten by the arresting officers,” booked on suspicion of a felony, and jailed.

Another arrestee nearby was apparently cited and released, she said.

Releford “was one of the most peaceful participants participating in the art-hanging protest,” Fowler said.

She said five others were also arrested — for allegedly trespassing at City Hall, which has been closed to demonstrators since last month's raid.

Occupiers are now calling the closed-off City Hall lawn “Solidarity Park.”

Occupiers had gathered to hold a vigil for WikiLeaks character Bradley Manning and for sex workers who have been victims of violence.

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