The Occupation of Los Angeles is costing you, the taxpayer, money. And while it was just revealed today that a city firefighter got $77,000 in overtime, vacation and bonus pay, city parks honcho Jon Kirk Mukri wants you to know that occupiers have done $120,000 worth of damage outside City Hall to date.

Mukri, the general manager of Recreation and Parks, obviously doesn't like the occupation.

In a letter to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (quoted at The City Maven), he says:

Some individuals have compromised the park's irrigation system by disabling sprinkler heads, and vandalizing the various irrigation valves located throughout the park.

Additionally, the persons now living on the grounds of the park have: 1) created several unsafe conditions; 2) monopolized the park grounds, thus limiting access for other park users; 3) greatly impacted (Recreation and Park's) ability to properly maintain and irrigate the park; and, 4) caused damage to the park grounds including landscaped areas, hardscape areas, and trees.

Who are these individuals? This guy sounds like Dean Vernon Wormer. He's going to put Occupy on double secret probation any minute now.

Anyway, $120K is a far cry from the $400,000 he estimated in damage last month.

And it's a long way from the oh, $52 million the city is giving to billionaire Eli Broad to build a parking lot for his art museum and foundation offices downtown.

(He's a 1 percenter, right? Remember way back when the L.A. City Council said it's with you? Remember that when you're getting your head beat in by a baton.)

Oh well. Don't say we didn't warn you occupiers. The city is building a case against you as we speak. Maybe they want to roll up the red carpet before the OWSers from New York get here for winter.

Better stock up on gas masks.


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