Who knew? Occupy Wall Street (and its Los Angeles faction) hates Obamacare.

That's because, though your run-of-the-mill Westside liberal is likely to applaud the “health care for all!” initiative, the more skeptical end of the 99 percent sees it as just another victory for corporate America:

“The bill is not health care reform,” wrote Occupy Los Angeles on its Facebook page this morning, following the Supreme Court's hot announcement that Obamacare was indeed constitutional. (In case you missed it, both Fox News and CNN jumped the gun and, in an attempt to get the story up first, posted the wrong prewritten headline — the one that indicated the death of Obamacare. Priceless.)

Occupy calls the health-care mandate “yet another profit scheme with a state penalty for not participating.”

How do they figure?

“The Constitutionality of the bill was specifically NOT argued on the grounds of human rights, but as a commodity,” reads the post. “Quality health care should be available to ALL not just those who can afford to pay the health care industry's extortion.”

Don't you just love when the left leans so liberal that they actually loop around to end up on the same side as the right? And really, OWS has never been a fan of Obama. The've long argued that despite his hipster campaign T-shirts and late-night slow jams, he's just as puppeteered by donors as his more openly skeezy Republican rivals.

From an article that went up on the official Occupy Wall Street website yesterday, in anticipation of the ruling:

Even if the ACA is upheld, and despite the best intentions of many advocates to defend it, the law was largely written by Liz Fowler, Vice President of Policy at the nation's largest and most profitable health insurance company, WellPoint.

The law will deliver 20+ million new customers and $447 billion in taxpayer subsidies directly to the private health insurance companies, but leave at least 23 million uninsured, and millions more under-insured with inadequate health insurance coverage.

Perhaps that's why stock is soaring today for so many hospitals, as well as wellness programs like Weight Watchers.

In place of Obamacare, Occupy is gunning for “improved Medicare for All (a single-payer healthcare system), that brings everybody in, and kicks the corrupt health insurance industry out.” How very Canada.

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