Occupy L.A. has had it pretty good so far, relatively speaking.

While reports of illness, vandalism and lice don't exactly conjure images of the French Riviera in spring, it's all good compared to the head bashings of Oakland and the frostbite of New York. Angeleno occupiers on the City Hall lawn are practically getting their tans on in comparison.

In San Diego recently, occupiers even had to pee and poo in their own underpants. Seriously:

San Diego CityBeat reports this week that the San Diego Sheriff's Department admits that 50 protesters arrested during an Oct. 28 Occupy event at the local Civic Center were held and held and held without breaks.

Guess what?

As they waited, hands cuffed, apparently, in buses and vans, they weren't allowed to … you know … go. This was between the hours of 2 and 6 a.m. Just guessing here, but people out after 2 a.m. usually have been occupying bars and have to go.

And go some of them did. Occupoopy?

The department admits the bathroom malfunction in a statement obtained by the Weekly:

During that time there were no restroom facilities available for arrestees, forcing some of them to relieve themselves as they sat on the bus or van.

Oops. We are the 2 percent. The SDSD:

… This unfortunate result is very unusual and it is currently being reviewed. The Sheriff has directed that a Critical Incident Review be conducted internally. Also, the Sheriff's Department and the Police Department will conduct a mutual debrief to examine in detail how the operation was handled. From those reviews we will determine how to improve our practices to assure that this does not happen again.

The department even provides a link for those who had to piss themselves to file complaints.

Talk about occupado. (No really — all joking aside — that's messed up).


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