Unlike the people's beloved First Lady — who stops by Inglewood groceries when she's in town; so humble! — President Obama is notorious for never letting his limo stray beyond L.A.'s lavish Westside.

Especially now that election season is drawing near, and so many deep Hollywood pockets have yet to be tapped for campaign donations.

Hence the president's $38,500-per-plate campaign fundraiser in the Holmby Hills this evening…

… set at the sprawling mansion of soap opera producer Bradley Bell. (In the same neighborhood as another famous mansion you may have heard of. Ooh la la.) The event will be hosted by Will Ferrell and soundtracked by the Foo Fighters, who have reminded us to obnoxious extent that they're in town and wanting to shred for the 1 percent. Yawn.

Credit: PortlandWiki

Credit: PortlandWiki

Anyway! To the exciting part. Occupy L.A. will morph “Occupy 90210” for the evening, taking over a park in nearby Beverly Hills to protest “the corrupting role that Big Money plays in politics.”

There will reportedly be no tents involved, but expect enough picket signage and Obama bashage to last you until next time the POTUS is feeling poor and traffic-bombs our City of Donors Angels anew.

We can think of no opportunity more perfect for Occupy L.A. to make itself relevant again. From the event description:

“In the aftermath of the Citizens United decision, it is expected that the 2012 presidential race will cost an unprecedented $2,000,000,000. Furthermore, Obama recently announced that he will accept SuperPAC money, which enables wealthy people and corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns. What does this decision say about our leader? To whom will Obama be accountable? The millions of Americans who are poor, hungry and homeless in this country or the 1% of the population that can afford to spend $35,800 on dinner with the President?”

To top it all off, the protesters will run a fundraising drive to feed the homeless, as opposed to the 1 percent. (Specifically, to support Hunger Action LA's Veggie Voucher program.) Sort of a “do as we say and as we do” guilt trip for the 99 percent's fallen hero.

Event details:

Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time: 4:00pm until 7:30pm

Location: Will Rogers Memorial Park

The president's motorcade might even whiz by the scene as he travels through the Westside to his mansion of destination. So! Be there or be… Obama Illuminati.

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