The Occupy 90210 protest last night, to call out President Obama for accepting big campaign cash from Hollywood donors, got a little chaotic when a protester was thrown from his bicycle by a Smart Car flying by. (Scroll down for dramatic video of the downed cyclist, sprawled in pain on Sunset Boulevard.)

Though the protest was scheduled for Will Rogers Memorial Park, it looks like occupiers moved onto the sidewalk once the sun went down…

… so that 1-percenters in their Beverly Hills car-bubbles could read their signs and glimpse their menacing Guy Fawkes masks.

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Indeed, it seems folks around those parts aren't so used to navigating street protests: A videographer for diligent Ustream account OccupyFreedomLA claims a Smart Car (at least it appears to be a Smart Car) was trying to turn off Sunset when it plowed into her friend, whom she calls “Will,” and threw him about 30 feet.

And for once, says the camera holder, the hovering cops were appreciated.

“It was a good thing that we had the police tailing us because they obviously were on the scene immediately,” she says. “And in fact, the undercover officer who was assigned to us was a witness and did see Will get hit.”

Go figure. Another heavy presence at all things Occupy: Cameras, or the silent weapons of the peaceful people! So now we can all bear witness:

May we recommend a morning-after picket party a few miles down Sunset, for to Occupy Newt Gingrich's campaign bus? It has a flat, so more downed cyclists shouldn't be a problem.

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