Mashed up avocados for a super-deluxe natural body moisturizer? Yeah, done that at a retreat up north. Olive oil in your hair and on your scalp? Sure, add it to the ever-growing list of Mediterranean organic miracles. Cucumber slices over the eyes? A silly cliché, of course, but we'll admit that it does feel nice.

Tangerine peel rubbed all over your hands? Now that's a new one. According to a group of women the Squid Ink crew observed during lunch at the Mitsuwa Marketplace food court on Centinela Avenue — we ate ramen from Santouka, of course — it's a wonderful natural treatment. The single point of debate was whether only the interior of the skin is best, or if using both sides is more effective. Admittedly the idea of direct contact with acid-intensive citrus in order to improve skin moisture is counterintuitive. But the price is right (this lively and friendly set's fruit of choice was “Cutie” tangerines, or rather, clementines sold by the bag), and it's a good use of natural resources for those who don't have a compost heap going yet. And besides, maybe there is some special tangerine oil we've never heard of. Coming to a salon near you, perhaps?

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