You're young and Latino. And, frankly, you're on the fence about this Obama guy.

After all, he promised immigration reform and only recently started to deliver after continuing George W. Bush's militaristic build-up of security along the border. And by “only recently” we mean that he planned to relax deportations of those who aren't threats to national security — just in time for the election.

He needs your vote. But then he flip-flopped on medical marijuana too, saying …

Hell yeah feds are going to prosecute “big” cannabis businesses in medical-weed states like California.

If it's one thing young, brown people like it's bud.

To top it all off, while you might think that the anti-immigrant Republican stance is a natural impediment to the Hispanic vote, it turns out Mitt Romney is Mexican!

No really. His father was born in Mexico, making Romney just as Mexican as this author. True story.

So then, the question is, how to vote, my Mexican American people?

Well, President Obama's campaign just answered that question, making November's Big Dance an easy choice.

My email inbox was recently graced with a note from his campaign introducing this most-awesome t-shirt:

Credit: Obama for America

Credit: Obama for America

In Spanish people invert their exclamation points and question marks for extra emphasis. It's like doubling up and ordering a bucket of Corona instead of just one. It's Latin America's way of saying, Booyaa!

So, of course, the wearer of this shirt is extra excited about Obama. Giddy even. Chicano cartoonist, writer and humorist Lalo Alcaraz told us:

Wow, it's giving me a small stroke, the colors are so wrong. Is it designed for Latino Caltrans workers?

Actually, Lalo, this is the coolest t-shirt ever associated with a sitting president. First, notice the wrinkles, as if it was printed on '70s-era, 50/50 cotton. The boys from How to Make it in America would be salivating over this top.

And the color! Oh that Edward Scissorhands-era shade of AMC Pacer hangover puke: So tight.

Forget immigration policy. This t-shirt fixes everything between Obama and Latinos.

As Alcaraz says:

Is the caption meant to evoke a slogan or a warning? Watch out, here comes ¡Obama!

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