We like to make fun of Obama for his troubles with his West Coast constituency: He's been seen as no friend of the medical marijuana nation, especially after his federal agents continued to pursue pot shops even after his justice department told the troops to stand down in medical-legal states.

And he's been treading water when it comes to immigration reform, building an army at the border while failing to come through with any kind of amnesty. The Latino-heavy vote in the Golden State ain't to happy.

And still …

… it looks like Obama will be unstoppable at the polls in California.

The latest USC/Los Angeles Times poll (PDF), conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, finds that the president will dominate. It asked 1,508 registered voters how they'll weigh in next year.

While 73 percent of respondents believe the nation is headed in the “wrong direction,” Obama got an okay 50 percent approval rate and a good 59 percent among Latinos. (Make that 48/53 for Gov. Jerry Brown).

Obama got a “favorable” impression among 58 percent of the total respondents, and 70 percent among Latinos.

She's got Michele Bachmann eyes.

She's got Michele Bachmann eyes.

The poll found Obama would beat a nebulous (unnamed) Republican for the presidential election 58 percent to 37 percent. He would beat Mitt Romney 54 to 35 percent. Versus Michele Bachmann, 57 to 31 percent. Versus Texas Gov. Rick Perry: 56 to 32 percent.

How do you plan to vote?


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