Updated with info from LAPD at 4:30pm. Originally published at 12pm.

Just in time for L.A. Pride 2012, President Obama will be in town capitalizing on his new cachet with the gays at two fundraisers–the $1,250 per person LGBT Leadership Council gala at the Beverly Wilshire, followed by a $25,000 per plate dinner at the home of “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy. The President will attend a third fundraiser in the wealthy, predominantly African-American neighborhood of View Park on Thursday morning.

L.A. drivers can expect traffic and closures to accomodate the presidential motorcade as it moves between the following locations:

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4:20pm: LAX.

7:15pm: The Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Wilshire Blvd at Rodeo Dr. near Beverly Dr.

8:55pm: Murphy residence, Roxbury Dr and Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills.


TBD am: Quarles residence, Kenway Ave, View Park.

The President is scheduled to fly in to LAX from SFO, arriving this afternoon at 4:20pm. At 7:15pm, Obama will head to the Beverly Wilshire, where he'll share the bill with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and Darren Criss, who plays gay heartthrob Blaine Anderson on television's “Glee,” at the LGBT Leadership Council's annual gala.

The LGBT Leadership Council was formed during Obama's 2007 presidential campaign. After the President came out in support of gay marriage earlier this year, the group's annual gala was reportedly moved from a smaller location to the Beverly Wilshire to accommodate increased demand for tickets, which start at $1,250 a pop. 600 supporters are expected to attend.

After the gala, Obama will head to the home of “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy for a 70-person, $25,000 a plate dinner.

Then tomorrow, Obama will breakfast with 300 donors at the the home of developer Charles Quarles in View Park. The 80 percent African-American neighborhood has a median income of $85,000 a year, and is known as the “black Beverly Hills.” Tickets for that event run about $2,500.

Doing the math… $2,500 times 300, plus $25,000 times 70, plus $1,250 times 600… carry the one… means that Obama should be able to fly away on Thursday with at least $3.25 million new dollars in his campaign's coffers. That's good–but not even close to the nearly $15 million he reportedly raised during his last trip to L.A.

It will be President Obama's 11th visit to Los Angeles since taking office; he has spoken at political fundraisers on all but one of those trips.

Update, 4:30pm:

The LAPD just released a statement encouraging drivers to avoid the following areas during the following hours:

What: Traffic areas to avoid during POTUS visit

When: June 6, 2012

Where: West Side of Los Angeles including the 405 Freeway, Wilshire Blvd and adjacent streets

between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm

Beverly Hills and the West Los Angeles area

between 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm

Beverly Hills and the West Los Angeles area

between 8:30 pm 10:00 pm

…Uh, thanks guys? That level specificity should really help us steer clear of the trouble spots.

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