Well, you can't blame him for walking the walk (but the feds did): Orange County tax adviser Dana Ray Reynolds sold books and videos about how to avoid paying taxes. Apparently he also took his own advice, which led to prosecution on failure to pay Uncle Sam, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

This week Reynolds was sentenced to a year and a half in federal prison for “subscribing to false tax returns” times two counts, according to the office.

Reynolds appeared to be an infomercial-level douche who posed next to Lamborghinis to pitch the tax-dodging lifestyle.

His companies included Repackaging America, Inc. and Incorporating You, Inc. His advice included creating corporations in order to reduce individuals' income taxes.

Say the feds:

Reynolds also placed assets – such as automobiles, recreational vehicles and at least one vacation home – in the names of the corporations. IRS investigators found evidence that Reynolds used corporate checks to pay workers, including a person hired to completely redesign his Yorba Linda home, for which he ordered a custom, $80,000 bathroom.

We hear the bathrooms in federal prison are quite minimal, architecturally speaking.

LA Weekly