Every hormonal high-schooler in the O.C. knows Friday nights are teen nights at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa. Partyin' partyin'! Unfortunately, word of a “HUGE Foam and Graduation Party” for 14- to 18-year-olds likewise leaked to 27-year-old Israel Soriano last weekend (shudder):

According to the Daily Pilot, security guards spotted him “behaving strangely with suspicious body language with another clubgoer” on the dance floor. Really don't want to know what that means. Anyway, guards pulled Soriano outside and asked him to empty his pockets:

According to [Shark Club owner Gregg Hanour], Soriano kept telling security guards he needed to call his friend before emptying his pockets.

When he did empty his pockets there was a “huge wad” of cash as well as a bag of pills. Security then called the police, Hanour said.

Soriano has since been charged with “possession of a controlled substance for sale and child endangerment.”

A drug lab still needs to confirm the substance was ecstasy, but from what we know of O.C. (and L.A.) youth, there's no way they'd rather spend the stolen 20-spots from their mommies' purses than on some little white shark pills. Sigh. What ever happened to sober foam parties, where one got to enjoy the throng of smelly, sweaty bodies with undiluted cognizance?

Oh wait. Pretty sure “sober foam parties” is an oxymoron. Not only should club owners be fully aware that holding one such late-night rager for kids will involve illicit pill-popping, they should have been on the lookout for old, non-kids looking to creep on the gold mine of hot young things.

Like, maybe ID all patrons at the door? Is that old-fashioned?

One Yelper issues a warning, probably serving as more an advertisement for your average 14-year-old:

Personally, I don't like the crowd. It gave me a really ghetto vibe and the guys look like they're boning every girl on the dance floor. It basically looks like everyone is having sex. It's more provocative than most clubs I've been to.

Sign me up.


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