A warm Sunday morning: Ideal for a trip to the park with the kids. Maybe head there after church and pick up some ice cream on the way. Grab a great parking spot and … Jesus almighty what is that?!

Yes, hide the children Martha: Naked yoga is coming to a public park near you.

In this case, West Covina police had the hazardous task of putting this particular teen yoga-body in handcuffs:

Police were called to Cortez Park in West Covina about 10:40 a.m. yesterday, cops told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

The teen suspect arrived clothed but soon stripped down and started going her poses, according to what police told the paper.

And by the way, nude yoga? It's a thing. A very weird thing. (Google it if you dare).

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The 19-year-old was “fully nude” … “when officers arrived,” West Covina police Lt. Dennis Patton told the Tribune.

Yeah! some of you guys are saying. Hell yeah!

But no. Your fantasies of nude yoga women behind bars will have to wait.

CBS Los Angeles says she didn't remain in handcuffs for too long. After being arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure the young woman was soon “released with a notice to appear in court.”

Sundays at that park will never be the same.

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