If you told us there were a bunch of half-naked people in Santa Monica today, we'd say that's just another day at the beach.

But these folks were a few blocks from the sand, at Spanish clothier Desigual's new Third Street Promenade store, where the company came up with the best ruse ever to get college-age kids to take it off: Free clothes.

The store offered a free outfit — top and bottom — to the first 100 people who showed up …

… in only their underwear (do high heels count?).

From the looks of it, the shop was swamped with skivvy-donning young people hoping to get that ensemble. Some were there since 9 p.m. Monday and camped out on the street overnight.

Desigual's Undie Party in Santa Monica: MyFoxLA.com

My Fox 11 reports that 200 half-nude people showed up. By our count that's 100 people who took off most of their clothes for no reason.

The first 100 got to grab outfits worth as much as $1,000. The store was nice enough to reward the near-nudity of the second 100 with a 50 percent-off discount, however.

And on that note, the first 100 (attractive) people who show up outside LA Weekly in their underwear today will get to go home with a free copy of our weekly paper. Really (they're available at the kiosk outside our door). Oh, and, as with Desigual's promotion, you have to be at least 18. At least.


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