Providence is one of L.A.'s most expensive restaurants, a special-occasion destination for when you want to make the whole evening an event. It's not unreasonable to pay $220 for dinner there (it's seafood, after all), but it's a lot to shell out.

But chef Michael Cimarusti is working harder recently than ever before to keep his menus sustainable, promoting the work of (and using products from) Dock to Dish, a sort of fisherman-to-restaurant pipeline similar to CSAs.

So, ostensibly to celebrate the restaurant's 12th anniversary (which is a century in restaurant years), Providence will, through the end of June, offer a four-course menu for $95. The price does not include tax, tip or drinks, so budget accordingly — but it's a rare opportunity to eat at Providence for less than $100. (The next cheapest menu is $120.)

The menu is not published ahead of time, as it will change according to what the fishermen bring in that morning. It will be treated with care, though. That much is sure.

5955 Melrose Ave., Hancock Park. (323) 460-4170,

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