Ladies, your newest workout craze has arrived! The New York Times ran a profile today of the Stiletto Workout, a workout that means that if you're the woman wearing high heels in the gym, you're no longer the crazy lady.

No one ever thought this day would arrive.

The Times reports that the workout was created by Nicole Damaris, a “stiletto aficionado,” in order to prepare women's bodies for the strenuous exercise of wearing high heels on a daily basis:

“Women are going to wear high heels, regardless of the warnings,” she said. “So if they're going to do it, they need to have a really good understanding of how to stand, walk and balance in their shoes.”

A fair point, but is a workout class really necessary? Most women I know who wear heels on a regular basis learned how the old-fashioned way — by trial and error, bloody toes and aching balls of the feet, building up muscle strength in the ankles whilst ruining the shape of their spines forever.

Like normal people.

But for those less inclined to be self-taught, I suppose, there's Damaris' class. Women also claim that it's great exercise; the writer of the Times article notes that, “As someone who survived the 45-minute class, I can attest that I spent most of it with my gut sucked in, my buttocks clenched and my torso lifted.”

So, that, or you could just walk around the city in a pair of Loubs. Either will work.

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