The Eastsider L.A. reports that a Caltech seismologist is referring to last night's quake as part of the “MacArthur Park earthquakes.” Seems there were four “micro quakes” spread out over a few days. The biggest one was a 2.5 job that came Tuesday, a little after 10 p.m. The jolt, which felt like a small tremor or a large car bomb, shook Echo Park and Silver Lake for a second.

The Eastsider quotes the Caltekkie, Nick Scheckel, as noting that the tremors did not occur on previously known faults and that “We see nothing large coming out of it.”

Wait a minute! Hasn't Scheckel seen Volcano, where lava sudden shoots out of MacArthur Park Lake and the nearby Red Line station? Or, at least, Falling Down, where a downsized, outsourced nerd goes Neanderthal on park ruffians? Where's the perspective here?

LA Weekly