Adding a sixth location to the growing sushi empire, SugarFish has expanded to Beverly Hills. And, why not? We're pretty sure there are still a few tuna and yellowtail swimming around in the ocean. Also opening in about two weeks is Bar Nozawa, a private dining room tucked into the back of the restaurant, run by chef-owner Kazunori Nozawa.

The more upscale bar (modeled after the now-closed Sushi Nozawa in Studio City) offers 13-course, $150+ omakase meals and takes reservations in advance, unlike SugarFish.

The newest location offers the same fresh melt-in-your-mouth menu, but with a classier, cleaner look and a few more Chanel and Kate Spade purses hanging about. You'll think you see Jon Hamm and January Jones laughing over white wine and crab hand rolls in the corner, but it's probably just a couple of ritzy Beverly Hills people in trendy hats and oversized sunglasses. The mood music in the restaurant is quite eclectic: You'll hear anything from Italian opera all the way to Rick Springfield's “Jessie's Girl.”

“It's funny because Brentwood isn't that far from here, but Westsiders who live nearby are flocking to this new location and gushing about how much more convenient this it,” said a server who worked at the Brentwood location for more than a year. “It's taken some of the heat off that [the Brentwood] location thankfully,” she added.

tuna at SugarFish; Credit: C. Soudry

tuna at SugarFish; Credit: C. Soudry

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