At a mere 14 years old, few could possibly imagine that the free-spirited and fresh Omar Moore Kismet Davis (or Moore Kismet onstage) would be disrupting the conventional career paths for DJs. As a daytime fixture at the local Victorville Wingstop, most nights have been spent toiling in a home studio. The end result earned over seven years is a blend of bass-driven big room dance music with an unabashed bravado and a signature glitchy twist. 

Of the tenacity required, Davis explained. “I feel like having drive and not procrastinating has a lot to do with how you share your voice with the world. I just have a story to tell with my music and this is how I get that out. Procrastinating isn’t going to help that in any way shape or form.”

Hailing from the intersection of the LGBTQ community and the city’s world-class electronic dance music scene as a black, pan, non-binary teen in L.A., Moore Kismet represents a walking wake up call to those in the industry who would discriminate on the basis of age, race, or sexual identity. In fact, events like Get Freaky in Utah and Asteria Arts & Music Festival in Florida featured Davis prominently on their lineup, while back home Exchange LA, crowned Davis as the youngest to DJ an Insomniac event to date. 

In addition to being the life of a party that they often aren’t even old enough to attend, Davis already fits celebrity like a pair old shoes, even planning some collaborative work with the LGBTQ community alongside a second full-length album and an animated web series in 2020. “Working with others for a common cause is just so important.” Davis says with a starry look in their eyes. 

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