Beyond the bright lights, the spectacle of lasers, and the pulpit of the DJ booth, there’s an enigmatic mystery emanating from within the culture of L.A.’s vibrant electronic dance music scene. Explore it with us in eye-opening bursts as we put the city’s finest electronic music producers under the microscope to better understand their greatness in addition to their contributions to the industry in our new, electronic music-dedicated series, “Not Another DJ.” 

When the sun goes down and night falls in Los Angeles, once a month, there’s a timeless house music rhythm pulsating in the city with the steady heartbeat of future nostalgia. Indeed, atmosphere at DEEP LA is so rich and smooth that taking it in slow is as natural as sipping on a tall hot cup of coffee. The flavor profile is a siren’s call to even the most discerning house music lover, and it’s a caliber you can hear from the local and international headliners taking the stage to the quality of sound, which is produced by Subtract Music. 

Founder and local bastion of the deep house music underground, Marques Wyatt noticed as far back to his first show as 1998 in the Viper Room, he had something special. Even as it migrated to different locations eventually landing on the East side at the Treehouse in Chinatown and at the Venice Townhouse on the West side, where DEEP hosts sister events each month. “The vibe is consistent wherever we have it.” says Wyatt. “We do that by putting the same energy into it wherever we have beats because that’s what we’re committed to.” 

Seeing self-care largely as an edge, Wyatt enjoys yoga, getting out in nature, and when he’s with friends he likes to catch up over savory vegan cuisines from local spots like his personal favorite, Cafe Gratitude. “That’s how I kinda stay grounded.” Wyatt explained. “When you take care of yourself and your soul it reflects well in your creativity.”

Since its arrival, his music has been hailed for uniting generations while staying true to purists. It’s a balance that earns DEEP clout as the pinnacle of authenticity for the genre. Next, Wyatt plans to bridge yoga with the chilling cadences of sweet, deep house music in forthcoming projects with Cristi Christensen called DEEP Exhale. 


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