Having produced the likes of Hayden James, What So Not, Crooked Colours and Bag Raiders, Australian producer Cassian is releasing his debut Laps album on June 26, a record that he says is about “relationships, from start to finish and the repetition of that cycle.”

“I was trying to explore a range of emotions and feelings on the record,” he says. “There’s some ambient moments, vocal moments, pessimism, optimism, reflection. I used a Prophet 6 and a Moog Model D for the majority of the synth parts. It’s definitely been a slow evolution to get to the sound of the record but I think it was also a focusing of my sound that helped get the album done.”

Last year, pre-lockdown, Cassian performed at the Shrine and the Fonda here in Los Angeles, while he says that the electronic music scene back home is Australia remains healthy.

“The community is so tight-knit and genuinely supportive,” he says. “I grew up in Sydney which has had some pretty restrictive laws come into place that definitely put a damper on the musical output from the city but artists have adapted and it’s starting to flourish again.”

He hasn’t been able to see it for himself of late though, as he’s been stuck in L.A. during the pandemic. Still, he’s tried not to let world events alter his routine too much.

“I tried to stay active and stay focused on music,” he says. “I haven’t been able to go back unfortunately, Qantas [Australian airline] shut down all their flights to and from the USA and if I went back I’d need to quarantine for two weeks. I’m missing home but enjoying the break from travel to be honest.”

With everything still uncertain, Cassian doesn’t know what the rest of 2020 will hold, after the release of Laps. He does know that he’ll be doing everything he can to support the album.

“I have a few other album related projects I’m trying to make a reality,” he says. “There’s a lot of new music brewing too. Some collabs that have been a long time coming. It’s hard to make any real plans with all the uncertainty around touring but I guess I’m just staying busy and will try to make the most of whatever happens for the rest of this year.

Laps is out on Friday, June 26.

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