In an effort to better familiarize our readership on the upcoming FYF Fest, which occurs next Saturday at the LA State Historic Park downtown, West Coast Sound sent a brief questionnaire to a few bands scheduled to appear. First on the list, for obvious reasons, is Nobunny. Who, or what, is Nobunny? One guy, Justin Champlin, who, when he puts on the bunny mask, transforms into Nobunny: a desert creature born outside Tuscon Arizona. His lineage? “Momma was a jackalope and daddy was a human.”

West Coast Sound: This year's festival is going toward saving the California state parks. What is your best camping story?

Nobunny: I camp every night. Urban camping. Rubber tramping. Hobo jungle. Tent city.

Band your most excited to see this year and why?

I am most excited to see the Teutonics from Germany. They aren't playing FYF, but they play in SF when I return.

Are you a FYF virgin?

I am a virgin. I am also looking for female virgins' blood. Top dollar paid.

Complete this sentence: In ten years I see my band …

In 10 years I see my band

I see them in the cave

In 10 years in another land

In pools of juice I bathe

In 10 years I hope to find

That life is still a go

In 10 years I see my band

That's your problem

If there's one thing the world needs to know about your band right now it's….

I wish someone would tell me.

LA Weekly