In the ancient days of just a couple years ago, Laurie Ochoa was L.A. Weekly's editor in chief, and Joe Donnelly was its deputy editor. Disregarding popular warnings about the impending death of the printed word, the pair has gone and created a literary journal called Slake, for citizens to hold in their hands and interact with in the traditional way — the pages turn simply by turning the pages. Slake's first issue has just been released, and since it contains many fine pieces of writing, photography and art by some of L.A.'s favorite writers, photographers and artists, the benevolent proprietors at Skylight Books thought it might be nice to round up some of the contributors for a late Sunday–afternoon reading. Prepare for an evening of a cappella splendor from the supple, Pulitzer-winning and garlicky Jonathan Gold, novelists Mark Z. Danielewski (House of Leaves, Only Revolutions) and Michelle Huneven (Round Rock, Jamesland, Blame), and David Schneider.

Sun., July 11, 2010

LA Weekly