A smoking ban … in your own home?

It's possible. A bill by San Fernando Valley-based state Sen. Alex Padilla will allow landlords to prohibit smoking in certain apartments, duplexes and townhomes if they want to. SB 332 just passed the senate, interestingly, 33-2.

It heads to the assembly next.

Here's what Padilla stated today:

While more than 86% of Californians do not smoke, there is very little smoke-free rental housing in California. With this bill we have an opportunity to expand the availability of smoke-free housing for families throughout our state.

This is getting deep into your business. A little too deep?

Padilla notes that 30 percent of California residences are apartments and townhomes and that “smoke can travel in and out of open windows and doors, through shared ventilation systems, walls, ceiling crawl spaces, and gaps around electrical wiring, light fixtures, plumbing, ductwork, and even baseboards.”

He also cites those insane federal stats — the ire of Adam Carolla — that claim 49,400 die of exposure to secondhand smoke each year in the U.S.

So, does this apply to medical marijuana users too? You know they're going to challenge this in court, saying a ban on smokers discriminates against patients.

On the flip side, we can imagine apartment managers using the new law as a way to lure in squares and nonsmokers everywhere. After all, which of you asks for “smoking” when you reserve a hotel room? Yeah, thought so.

This could be the new for-lease sign seen across L.A: No rent due first month; air conditioning; stoner-free!.

LA Weekly