It's that time of year again, when freak winter heat waves start hitting L.A. and pants start dropping on the Red Line.

Say what? This Sunday marks the 11th annual No Pants Metro Ride, that liberating holiday celebrated on public-transit systems around the country. But for the sake of some city-pride banter, we'd like to argue it's best celebrated here in Los Angeles, where Hollywood booties run rampant and goosebumps far between.

Here's the lowdown on where to be and when (you know, so you don't end up naked in San Pedro), via Improv Everywhere:

PART ONE of the mission will be Metro rides that will travel from both ends of the Gold Line in Pasadena and East Los Angeles, from the Red Line in North Hollywood, and from the Purple Line in Koreatown to Union Station. Ride captains will begin gathering agents at their respective stations at 1pm, and they'll have you at Union Station before 2pm for part two. They will be there to brief the agents, to answer any questions, and to have everyone de-pantsed before getting on the trains. You are welcome to start at whichever station is most convenient to you.

PART TWO OF THE RIDE will begin with our arrival in downtown LA at Union Station. After disembarking, we will head to the north end of Union Station for our group picture. We ask you to please be at that location at 2:05pm sharp. When exiting the Gold Line, go down the stairs and turn left to go to the North end of the tunnel. When exiting the Red and Purple lines, walk in the same direction as the train was traveling and go upstairs to go the North end. The area where we will take pictures looks like this:

The schedule is actually kind of complicated — who knew subway streaking was such an orchestrated art! — so study the rest of the event description for exact times and routes.

And now, so you don't stand out as the gawking noob at Sunday's ride, we'd like to prepare you for the kind of visions to which you may be subjected. Last year's finest, as immortalized by LA Weekly photographer Josh “CuriousJosh” Reiss. (Full slideshow here.) Enjoy:

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