You pot legalization supporters better get serious, because the No on Prop. 19 campaign is dancing on the proposition's grave before it's even dead. They're that confident that 19, the initiative that would legalize marijuana possession, will fail.

They're practically laughing at you.

Following losing numbers in surveys by Public Policy Polling (51 percent no, 44 percent yes), Survey USA (51 percent no, 40 percent yes among women), and Tulchin Research (47 percent no, 29 percent yes), No on Prop. 19 spokesman Roger Salazar said this:

“Support for Prop 19 is evaporating faster than bong water at Burning Man. Californians have discovered that the claims of benefits made by proponents just aren't true. Prop 19 cannot guarantee 'billions' in revenue to the state; it would make the job of law enforcement more difficult, not less; and recent studies show the initiative would have little impact on drug cartels. No matter where Californians stand on pot legalization, this is not the initiative they were looking for.”

In your face, legalization supporters.

There's only one thing you can do now. Put down that bong and go vote. There's still time.

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