Mana Contractor (a jazz and hindustani vocalist) and producer McLean Macionis have joined forces to form a new electronic music duo called NMND (a boiled down version of the words No Mind). The debut EP is called Integration, and the lead single is “Hiding Me.”

It’s not your typical dance music. The pair create sounds that tunnel into your head and set up camp there. The music isn’t catchy, in the traditional EDM style, but glorious experimental and listenable.

A press release states, “The songs take us through a host of different emotions as we try to find ways to cope with this constant mental chatter. The idea to use the human voice as the focal point of the EP plays into this beautifully by exploring all the ways in which we betray our true emotions through tone, texture and dynamics. Integration is presented as a way to accept these darker spaces and find comfort in the fact that they needn’t all have negative associations. The lead single ‘Hiding My’ epitomizes this experience of internal conflict against the backdrop of an outside world in motion, leveraging Contractor’s voice to construct barely discernible fragments that draw us in while offering no clear answers.”

In turn meditative and utterly uncomfortable, NMND takes the listener on a journey. Keep an ear to the ground for whatever they do next.

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