NLE Choppa Hates to be Apart From You: Memphis rapper NLE Choppa has released new single and video “Apart from You.”

It’s a chill, sexy tune which sees Choppa explaining why his beau feels his absence when he’s not “on top of you.”

According to the press release, “The track layers ethereal keys above a thick trap beat as NLE Choppa’s melodies immediately captivate. It builds towards an emotionally charged, yet seductive hook as he reassures, ‘I know you feel my absence while I’m apart from you.’ Through and through, it stands out as another vibe altogether from this creative outlier. The accompanying video provides the perfect visual complement with one slick and sexy mood after another.”

NLE Choppa Hates to be Apart From You: “Apart From You” is out now.

Press bio:

“Despite being just 19 years old, NLE Choppa, one of the most electric rappers of his generation, has worked hard to become a pillar of his community. So while there are plenty of numbers that could quantify his success—his 13 RIAA-certified plaques and more than 5 billion global streams—it’s possible he prefers another one: 26 million. That’s how many words the kids at one Memphis elementary school read this year as part of his Needs Learning Everyday challenge. Raised on the city’s East side, Choppa broke through in 2019 with the Platinum-certified “Shotta Flow,” a muscular blend of menace and sheer personality that became his trademark. Since then, he’s garnered acclaim from the New York Times, Forbes, GQ, and Billboard, among other outlets, including XXL, which put him on its 2020 Freshman list. Choppa’s is a unique cocktail of cutting-edge street rap with a pop sensibility, and he drops music at a breakneck pace. But this hardly means he’s stuck on the same ideas. As he’s continued to serve Memphis (see his This Can’t Be Vegan food company), his music dives into his past and psyche, growing more poised and thoughtful seemingly by the month. His latest project, Me Vs. Me, is his most richly detailed yet, tracing the tragic and triumphant arcs he’s seen around him from 21st-century Memphis back to Biblical times. While his serrated style might seem at odds with his open-heartedness off the mic, they are simply different embodiments of the same drive and lust for life.”

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