NJ Weedman, our favorite pot shop owner (with the best name), says he's quitting the business after the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration raided his shop and grow operation and basically left him without cash and supplies.

The raid last month happened at his Liberty Bell Temple II dispensary on Hollywood Bouelvard. DEA officials wouldn't tell us why the hit the collective. They'd only say that the search and seizure was part of an ongoing investigation.

Weedman says he's resigning as director of the Temple. And he's asking for donations of as little as $4.20 to keep the medicine coming. He says:

The reason for this raid was obviously about me and I am not bigger than the Temple so I am resigning with the hope that the temple can survive but the raid has severely hurt the Temple and I'm asking others to help. I'm resigning and the Temple will be under new management and directorship but I'd like to ensure its survival by asking supporters of mine to send anything you can (even as little as $4.20 – Please)

Weedman is famous for his run-ins with the law back in his native New Jersey (thus the NJ in his name) and for trying to change his name to NJWeedman.com (a judge said no).

He even sued the city of L.A., which had tried to shut the Temple down, for allegedly violating his religious freedom because, he argued, his Rastafarian worship required weed smoking.

Hope this isn't the last we'll hear of him (we sort of doubt it).

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