Nitti Gritti is More Than a Sidepiece: The wonderfully named Nitti Gritti started producing in 2012, and then started taking it really seriously in 2014-15.

“After I became comfortable with my producing, I began to learn to DJ around late 2016 and then I started touring and it all really started to click,” he told us. “I was able to make edits / new songs on the fly and tested them out live all the time.”

The artist is also half of the Grammy-nominated house duo SIDEPIECE. He’s reluctant to describe his sound, because he likes to go in so many directions.

“I love many sub-genres in electronic music and that love is why I create so many different style sounds under Nitti Gritti,” he says. “That being said, I want people to be able to have fun, party, maybe laugh, and sing along to some of my songs all in one set. I have a song for every mood and I never want to stop doing that.”

The worst part of the recent pandemic, he says, was the shows stopping.

“Other than that, I have been making more music than ever,” he says. “I have so much new stuff that I’m so excited to play out during these upcoming shows / festival dates!”

His new single is “Hey Motherfucker,” a collaboration with DJ, producer and live instrumentalist Timmy Trumpet.

“This is one of those songs that came together so randomly,” he says. “My friend Sasha Sirota was warming up on the mic and just randomly was singing “hey motherfucker” really fast as a joke, then I told him to record it and send it to me. Once I had the basic idea down, we sent it to Timmy Trumpet and he laid down some awesome melodies and hard style vibes to the record.”

Looking ahead, Nitti Gritti is excited about the show and festival dates he recently announced.

“There’s a ton more that haven’t been announced yet, too,” he says, “Also, I have A SHIT TON OF MUSIC that is coming out this year – LOL.”

Nitti Gritti is More Than a Sidepiece: The “Hey Motherfucker” single with Timmy Trumpet is out now.


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