Local dreamy disco haze-maker Nite Jewel only just wrapped up a European tour, and she's making headlines again back home. Tonight, Ramona Gonzales (who's lately been performing with a duo backing her) is doing a free live set at Hyperion Tavern's weekly Calling All Kids night. She's rumored to hit the stage between 11:30 and midnight, but the evening is solidly stacked so consider coming earlier for DJ sets by Dublab's leading men Frosty and Ale. That's “ah-lay,” but you will find frosty ale there as well, nyuk nyuk.

Here's a preview, followed by an MP3 from Nite Jewel's new tour disc, You F O and some surprising news (plus, another MP3, and a flyer for the show).

Nite Jewel – “We Want Our Things” (MP3)

Great as all that is, none of it's as surprising as the news that the typically hip-hop-steeped Stones Throw is releasing a couple Nite Jewel tracks on 7-inch — “Weak For Me” and “Suburbia” — which are out-of-print on vinyl. Or rather, the “1984” imprint is releasing it, but that's just the latest in Peanut Butter Wolf's run of fake label one-offs. Direct from the purchase page:

“Dâm-Funk first discovered Nite Jewel's now out-of-print full length album Good Evening (that these songs were pulled from) at Groove Merchant in San Francisco and bought copies for Peanut Butter Wolf and Folerio. The three of them regularly fight over who gets to play what at their gigs and now Nite Jewel is the latest to get jumped into the Stones Throw crew. Much more to follow unless someone pisses someone off or dies.”

Much more to follow? Perhaps this is more than just the random, passing collaboration it otherwise seems to be. Below is an MP3 of “Weak For Me,” courtesy of Stones Throw, followed by the flier for tonight's gig.

Nite Jewel – “Weak For Me” (MP3)

Nite Jewel, Frosty and Ale at Calling All Kids:

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